Renting Makes Sense

Renting computers and peripherals is a smart economic move. You should consider renting if :

There are so many situations were rentals make sense. All you need to do is to speak to us and we will help you figure out exactly what you need buy assessing your situation and providing you with logical choices.


Rent-To-Own Made Easy

    With a monthly payment plan you can rent-to-own a computer, printer, or peripheral product right now.

A rent-to-own arrangement can help those who don't qualify for traditional financing. You now have the opportunity to purchase quality employment over a period of time that's comfortable, at a cost that's affordable. Renting-to-own is a perfect solution for new businesses whose startup costs may not allow for a large outlay of cash up front, but want to own the latest technology.


The Complete Rental Solution

The monthly rental rate is fixed at a simple percentage based on the original value of the equipment.

1-2 month rental is fixed at 10% of the original value.
3-5 month rental is fixed at 8% of the original value.
6-11 month rental is fixed at 7% of the original value.

Your Best Value: A one year rental is fixed at 6% of the original value

Service and Support

If you have any hardware problems we will arrange a service call and either correct the problem on site, or provide you with a replacement unit - no matter how minor or how it happened.

Ask us about setting up a SERVICE CONTRACT on your existing equipment.

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