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To Recycle Is Good, To Re-Use Is Better
It is true that recycling benefits our environment. Recycling means breaking down an object into its constituents, then recreating it in a new form for example, melting down plastic to make a new apparatus. This takes a great deal of effort, time and money. We don't melt down cartridges.

Here is what we do:
  • Systematically diagnose used cartridges.
  • Disassemble cartridge and thoroughly inspect each component.
  • Replace defective components with quality parts.
  • Thoroughly clean components with High-performance vacuum.
  • Replenish cartridge with high-grade toner.
  • Reassemble cartridge.
  • Test re-manufactured cartridge in fully equipped laboratory.
  • Unconditionally warrant the product for 30 days.
Our re-manufactured toner cartridges perform so well that it is usually impossible to tell them apart from new ones. However, for those who prefer original cartridges, we make them available to our customers at competitive prices.

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